Bolide.fi is Now Available on Polygon!


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    Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Bolide.fi on Polygon, establishing the first Automated Leverage Lending DeFi strategy on the Polygon network and kicking off the expansion of the Bolide ecosystem.

    This is a major milestone for our team as we take the first step in expanding our product as a multichain offering, and we’re beyond excited to progress our mission to build radically better, smarter DeFi.

    Polygon, Welcome to Bolide 👋

    By plugging into one of the largest and strongest Web3 networks, we're able to expand our secure, low-cost, high-earning opportunities for our users while also opening up the opportunity to grow your crypto securely with ease to Polygon’s 420,000+ users.

    With Bolide's competitive APYs & exclusive APY “[boosts] (https://bolide.fi/blog/maximize-your-apys-with-bolides-new-boosting-v2/)”, and Polygon's reputable network activity, the launch presents a promising new merge for the industry as a whole. Once live, a wide range of existing Web3 users outside of the networks’ communities will be able to access better liquidity and security, while those looking to enter the space will have easier access to the world of DeFi.

    We've been working hard on improving our product and user experience, and this launch is just one of many milestones we’ve got planned as we continue to expand the Bolide ecosystem.

    Introducing Bolide V2 🪄

    Just in case the launch of multichain wasn’t quite enough, we thought we’d add a little something more into the mix.

    In addition to our launch on Polygon, we're excited to share the early release of Bolide V2. With a core focus on improving user experience and further laying the foundations for our growing ecosystem, V2 will feature a range of new updates, including:

    - on-chain strategy automation for less risky asset management

    - protocol bridging

    - multi-token collateral & leverage opportunities

    - updated multichain interface

    While V2 will exclusively launch on Polygon initially, we will be expanding it to existing and future networks as we grow and scale.

    Growing the Bolide Ecosystem 🌱

    We've come a long way since we launched our first strategy based on the LBF "lend-borrow-farm" principle and deployed it on the BNB chain in April 2022. Despite a year of turbulent activity across the wider crypto market, we've seen continued growth following our launch and have garnered a whopping $10M+ in TVL thanks to our ever-growing and supportive community.

    Our mission is to build a thriving hub for smarter DeFi, and we're committed to improving the DeFi user experience. Through developing automated, intuitive, and easy-to-use applications with secure, high-yield opportunities, we’re seeing incredible growth across our community and couldn’t be more grateful to our fantastic users who’ve been pivotal in shaping our product.

    What’s Up Next? 🛣

    This launch is not only a milestone for Bolide, it's a huge step for Web3. DeFi offers a world of financial opportunity that today, just a handful of individuals can access. Launching on Polygon is one of many major steps along our mission to make DeFi more accessible to everyone, and we're looking forward to further expanding our suite of DeFi tools later this year. To keep in touch with us and be the first to hear about upcoming launches, be sure to follow our official Twitter[link] account or join the community Telegram.

    About Polygon Labs:

    Polygon Labs develops Ethereum scaling solutions for Polygon protocols. Polygon Labs engages with other ecosystem developers to help make available scalable, affordable, secure and sustainable blockchain infrastructure for Web3. Polygon Labs has initially developed a growing suite of protocols for developers to gain easy access to major scaling solutions, including layer 2s (zero-knowledge rollups), sidechains, app-specific chains and data availability protocols. Scaling solutions that Polygon Labs initially developed have seen widespread adoption with tens of thousands of decentralized apps, unique addresses exceeding 261 million, over 1.4 million smart contracts created and 2.7 billion total transactions processed since inception. The existing Polygon network is home for some of the biggest Web3 projects, such as Aave, Uniswap, QiDao and OpenSea, and well-known enterprises, including Robinhood, Stripe and Adobe. Polygon Labs is carbon neutral with the goal of leading Web3 in becoming carbon negative.

    If you're an Ethereum Developer, you're already a Polygon developer! Leverage Polygon’s fast and secure txns for dApps you develop, get started here.

    As ever, a huge thanks to our community for all of your support ☄️

    - The Team @ Bolide

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